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Camp Counselor Programı kapsamında katılımcıların danışman olarak çalışabileceği güncel posizyonlar aşağıdaki şekildedir - Updated on 29/10/2020

Camp Name

Camp Type



Staff Needs

Age Req

M/F/No Pref


Camp Farwell

Private all-girls overnight camp VermontJune 13-August 15Boat Driver/Waterski Instructor 21+FCurrently waiting to hear from staff form 2020, will know more about needs as year progresses


   Windsurf Instructor20+F 

Camp Micah

Private overnight Jewish Camp-co-edMaineJune 23-Aug 12Boat Driver: 21+No prefBoat Drivers must be Lifeguard certified and at least 21 years old. Previous experience operating motor boats is required. A power-steering license is not required, though preferred.


   Tennis Instructor19+No pref 


   Ropes Course Instructor19+No pref 

Camp Akeela

Description: Camp Akeela is a co-ed, overnight camp in Vermont where "quirky" kids thrive! We focus on the social growth of campers, many of whom have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, NVLD, or a similar neurodiverse profile. Akeela is an intentional community that values and celebrates each child and staff member. Campers (and staff members, too!) make lifelong friends and leave camp with lasting memories filled with fun and spirit. Because Camp Akeela specializes in children with Asperger's or a similar Autism Spectrum Disorder, previous experience working children on the autism spectrum is preferred.VermontJune 16-August 15Boat Driver19+M Must be LifeGuard certified or willing to be trained


Will also consider an exceptional male general counselor without specialized skills.  Ceramics  M 


   Cooking M 


   Fishing M 


   Hiking M 


   Ropes Course M 


   Sailing MMust be Lifeguard certified or willing to be trained


   Swim Instructor: MMust be LG certified or willing to be trained


   Woodworking M 

Camp Mah Kee Nac

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac is an overnight camp for boys in Lenox, Massachusetts.Massachusetts6/6-8/14Sailing 19+MWaterfront staff must be good swimmers, but do not need to be Lifeguard certified. Camp Mah-Kee-Nac has a certificate school for ARC - WF certification.






   Ropes Course19+M 





Camp Wicosuta

Camp Wicosuta is a traditional four-week sleepaway camp for girls in Hebron, New HampshireNew Hampshire6/10-8/15Horseback19+FWaterfront Counselors drive boats and help instruct water activities, such as water skiing, and wake-boarding. You should have prior experience driving small craft boats. Camp Wicosuta will provide Lifeguard certification course upon arrival.


  6/15-8/15Waterfront: Waterfront Counselors drive boats and help instruct water activities, such as water skiing, and wake-boarding. You should have prior experience driving small craft boats. Camp Wicosuta will provide Lifeguard certification course upon arrival.19+F 


   Ropes Course19+F 



Camp Winadu

 Massachussetts6/18-8/15Lifeguard:18+No pref You should be a good swimmer, but you do not need a Lifeguard certification before starting. Camp Winadu will certify you when you arrive. 


   Ropes Course18+No pref 

Camp Danbee

Camp Danbee is a sleepaway camp for girls aged 7-15, located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, 2 1/2 hours from NYC and Boston.Massachussetts6/17-8/13Team Sports18+See notesFemale counselors’ roles include being a program instructor and a cabin counselor. All activity positions are available to female candidates.


   Tennis18+See notesMale counselors’ roles include being a program instructor and other out-of-the-cabin responsibilities. Male instructors are typically hired for waterskiing, wakeboarding, boat driving, sailing, tennis, photographer, and videographer. 


   Soccer18+See notesDanbee certifies all pool and waterfront instructions through the American Red Cross Course. You do not need to have Lifeguard certification before arrival.


   Swimming18+See notes 


   Waterfront (early arrival - Date TBD)18+See notes 


   Fine Arts (Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Woodcraft, and Culinary Arts)18+See notes 


   Pottery18+See notes 


   Gymnastics18+See notes 


   Horseback Riding18+See notes 


   Ropes Course (early arrival - Date TBD)18+See notes 


   Archery (early arrival - Date TBD)18+See notes 


   Theater18+See notes 


   Dance18+See notes 


   Journalism and Media18+See notes 

Camp High Rocks

Traditional overnight boys camp, 1000 acres located outside Brevard, NC.  Offer 1-4 weeks sessions with traditional activities.  Family owned and run since 1958.North Carolina5/27-8/7Horseback Riding19+Mostly M, some FWill train in Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard.


   Rock Climbing19+ Proficient to teach, certified helpful


   Whitewater Rafting19+ Proficient to teach, certified helpful


   Soccer19+ Proficient to teach


   Canoeing/Kayaking19+ Before anything, looking for candidates who love kids and have nurturing personality


   Arts and crafts19+ Proficient to teach


   Archery19+ Proficient to teach


   Basketball\19+ Proficient to teach


   Fishing19+ Proficient to teach


   Hiking19+ Will train in Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard.


   Pottery19+ Proficient to teach


   Rifelry19+ Proficient to teach


   Rock Climbing19+ Will train in Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard.


   Ropes Course19+ Will train in Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard.


   Sailing19+ Will train in Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard.


   Swimming19+ Will train in Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard.


   Tennis19+ Proficient to teach

Camp Blue Ridge

a family operated, activity-oriented, coed, accredited summer camp.Georgia6/1-7/31Generalist/Specialists19+No pref 




   Arts & Crafts   


   Baseball  Everyone will serve as both general counselor and specialist.  Camp will bring participants in two weeks early and train in various activities.  Seeks as many Lifeguards as possible and a range of activities skills including those listed here.
















   Conditioning, Fitness & Weights  




   Digital Photography   


   DJ Mixing   






   Electronic Music Production  














   Jump Rope   






   Laser Tag   


   Martial Arts   


   Mountain Biking   


   Outdoor Skills   


   Paddle Boating   






   Ping Pong   




   Ropes Course   




   Skate Park   










   (Heated Pool)   






   Ultimate Frisbee   


   Virtual Reality   


   Vocal training   






   (Blob, Swing, Slip ‘n’ Slide)  


   Water Skiing   


   (Banana Boat, Knee Boarding, Wake Boarding, Skiing) 


   Whitewater Rafting   





Camp Red Pine

At Red Pine Camp for Girls, we are committed to inspiring and enabling young women to reach their full potential in a safe, healthy, and fun environment. Our program and activities are firmly rooted in an appreciation for our natural surroundings, the development of athletic skill, and a respect for one another as individuals. We recognize and promote the values of integrity, leadership, grace, compassion, and character in every camper.Wisconsin6/9-8/9Archery19+  


   Arts and Crafts   
















   Horseback Riding   











Keystone Camp

All girls camp; Our campers range from seven to fourteen years of age. Once they go above the ninth grade they enter our Leadership, Aide, and Counselor-In-Training programs.North Carolina5/25-8/6Lifeguard: Camp will provide lifeguard training and certification. Strong swimming skills required.20+F 


   Lead Climber: This person should be certified and able to lead climbing trips.20+F 


   Gymnastics: This person should have done competitive gymnastics and be confident in all equipment.20+F 


   Whitewater Rafting: Experience 20+FMust be able to speak excellent English. Must be able comfortable teaching the skill.

Camp Manitou

Welcome to Camp Manitou, a summer camp for boys ages 7 to 16, located in the beautiful Belgrade Lakes region of Maine. Founded in 1947, Manitou is one of the nation’s foremost camps. We’re sure that after you learn about our outstanding summer camp staff, facilities, programs and activities, you’ll understand why so many boys make Manitou their summer home.Maine6/25-8/13Watersports (waterskiing, wakeboarding)19+M 


   Land sports19+M 





Camp Matoaka

Matoaka is a place where relationships turn into friendships based on trust, understanding, and support. Matoaka is more than just a camp. We are a home; a place where our girls return summer after summer. This is why our campers live 10 months for 2, and can’t wait to be part of that special blend of adventure, spirit, friendship, and fun!Maine6/7-8/14Boating19+MWaterfront Counselors will be instructing campers in sports such as waterskiing and wakeboarding. Camp Matoaka will provide Lifeguard certification.


  6/7-8/14Water sports19+F 




  6/11-8/14Horseback Riding19+F 








  6/11-8/14Ropes Course19+F 





Camp Somerset for Girls

Camp Somerset for Girls reopened in 2018, combining an extraordinary history and tradition with a new team of experienced directors and staff, on a campus rebuilt from the ground up. While we are extraordinarily proud of the beautiful facilities, incredible activities, and unique experiences offered, we are most proud of the warm and inclusive community we have created. It is one where every child can feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, and a desire to return each summer. At Somerset, we are committed to creating daily opportunities for each camper to enjoy the activities she loves, try new things, grow her self-esteem and independence, and develop lifelong friendships."Maine6/6-8/13Boating FBoating counselors will be driving boats for waterfront activities, such as waterskiing. Some experience operating small watercraft is preferred. Camp Somerset will provide Lifeguard certification.


  6/15-8/13Gymnastics18+FAll counselors will have dual roles - living in the cabins with campers and instructing activities. 




   Culinary Arts (need experience cooking in a restaurant)18+F 


   Ropes Course18+F 



Camp Watitoh

Welcome to Camp Watitoh!! A place where campers ages 7-15 spend their summers doing land and water sports, adventure, and creative arts. Camp Watitoh is an overnight co-ed camp located in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, 2 hours from Boston and 3 hours from NYC. Staff come from all over the country to work with our campers and build their own resumes by coaching sports and teaching activities and life skills. We provide an environment that enables campers and staff to experience the rewards and challenges of acquiring new skills and exploring new areas of interest all while having fun. Being a staff member at our camp is the best summer job you can find!Massachussets6/12-8/13Waterfront Sports18+  


   Adventure Sports   


   Land Sports   

Wayne for Boys

Since 1921, Camp Wayne, a family-owned “brother-sister” camp, has been a place where friendships and memories extend long past summer. The Wayne Experience is about learning, developing relationships, building confidence and, most of all, having fun. We know that our campers return year after year because of their friends and counselors who become “Brothers for Life.” It is with these “Brothers” that our campers will learn and develop valuable communication, teamwork and leadership skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.Pennsylvania10.HazAdventure   M 


  17.HazArts and Crafts M 


  17.HazGolf M 


  10.HazRopes Course M 


  10.HazSailing M 


  17.HazTennis M 


  10.HazWaterskiiing M 

Camp Allen

A summer camp for individuals with disabilities. Our campers range from as young as 6 up to elderly.New HampshireJune 1-Aug 27General Counselors-Special Needs18+No pref but needs malesGeneral counselor role, working with individuals with both mental and physical disabilities, ages 6-80.  No experience necessary, will train.  Must arrive no later than June 1, but can come earlier.